The go to site for all political news will be joining the bandwagon in testing the faith of metered paywalls. According to an article on the website, for the next six months, Politico will be testing a metered paywall on readers. The site will be playing with different prices while checking to see how effective the paywall will actually be. The test will be conducted in: Iowa, North Dakota, Vermont, Mississippi, New Mexico and Wyoming, and internationally.

I read the memo Politico sent out to its staff with the reason for the paywall. The company stated that the point of the experiment is to test their “readers’ willingness to pay for our journalism.” Then, the company made the point that one day, very soon all media companies will charge for its content and that basically Politico is just to testing the waters a little earlier.

When I read the first two paragraphs of the memo, I thought it was a load of PR crap and said to myself, “okay first you were iffy about getting this paywall and now that you see how successful it has been and you want to do, just say it!” But as I kept reading, I sensed some type of sincerity in the memo.

As I finished reading the entire memo, I saw that I really liked what Politico’s motive was for trying the paywall. I personally think that paywalls are a great idea for CERTAIN papers and I like that Politico is trying it out to see if it will fit. I like that the company has other ideas and are exploring and thinking of ways to make money outside of advertising. I also like the facts that were put into the memo. Apparently over 300 media companies are already doing paywalls, some have seen success while others have seen failure.