Aggregators are Taking Over!

And to think that the Huffington Post was this popular outside of the U.S.?

In an effort to expand throughout the world, the Huffington Post will now be able to add Japan to its list of countries it services. The launch is expected this Tuesday.

The Huffington Post has been expanding over the years, adding countries like Canada, Italy, the U.K., France and Germany to its list of countries to service.

I am still a little iffy about aggregated news sites. I think the concept of getting news from various places is great. News sites like Google News and Huffington Post news makes life a little easier for people like me. If I want to get news quickly, I can simply Google it.

But justice is justice! I am completely aware that the Huffington Post and Google are not literally drafting the articles. Personally for me, most of the times, I am clicking to read the full story so I can say that I am giving credit to the news sites. But many people do not, they just read the summary and move on with their lives. Which I think is what really bothers online news sites so much about aggregated news sites.