CBS Invests in Startup = In Your Face Aereo



CBS Corp. has just acquired a small stake in a startup company similar to Aereo, called Syncback. Syncback let’s local TV stations stream their programming online, but gives broadcast networks control of what’s being viewed.

I guess CBS has a lot more faith and trust in this startup than in Aereo and it seems like many more have faith in it too.

For those who are not aware of what Aereo is, to give a quick lesson, it is a startup based in NY that gives the chance to view live broadcast, without having a cable subscription. There is no installation involved and you can even record some of your favorite shows on your DVR. The idea is that you can watch whatever is on broadcast from anywhere as long as you have an iPhone, tablet, and laptop. At home with no cable? No problem, as long as you have an AppleTV or Roku you can stream live broadcast on your TV. All you pay is something like a $1 a day or $8-$12 a month.

Sounds like a dream right? Well it’s just not for broadcast networks.

Broadcast networks are upset at the fact that Aereo is streaming their broadcasts and not paying them a fee, like cable does. The networks also have no control over what is being played through Aereo. CBS and Fox have threatened to pull their signals off the air and switch over to cable if Aereo is not stopped. Right now, all the major broadcast networks like CBS, ABC, FOX and NBC are suing Aereo, but that’s a different blog post.


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