Hard Work + New Trend in Journalism = One Big Grant


Nothing is ever impossible!

The Texas Tribune, a four year old start-up based in Austin was fortunate enough to receive a grant of $1.5 million from the Knight Foundation as part of a form of acknowledgement and encouragement.

The Tribune is said to be a part of a new trend in journalism that uses an all-digital platform leaning towards nonprofit journalism. According to an article on Forbes, the grant was given to acknowledge the Tribune’s model for funding its news organization’s work and to encourage other news innovators to learn from its model.

Before the Knights contribution, the company raised $18.4 million to date, even exceeding its budget in every year. This year it is expecting to take in more than $4.8 million against the $4.2 million in costs.


I totally agree with the Knights decision to give the company that amount of money.

To me it shows more encouragement than acknowledgement. As someone who hopes to start her own online new organization, this grant gave me even more encouragement to start my own. I have a strong mindset to create something similar to this.

When I read the article, I loved that the Tribune was able to support itself and its work in journalism at a large scale. It was like an instant feel of happiness fell onto me. I saw a light of hope today. It may actually be possible to run a successful news organization as a start up, in a society where big media potentially rules.

In terms of acknowledgement, the Knights grant really made a bigger name for the news organization in terms of publicity. In one of my journalism classes, we spoke about the large grant and checked out the website to see what it was about. It just seems like a lot of people are talking about the company, what its purpose and mission is, and its model.

Overall this really showed me that good journalism from a small site can really deliver to one of the largest states, both mass and population size.


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