When is Fox not in Trouble for Discrimination…


Jerry Davis, a former Fox Sports executive, is suing Fox Sports, Fox Cable Network Services, Fox Sports Net, and Fox Networks Group for discrimination. For 15 years, Davis has claim that Fox Sports has discriminated against him as a black man and have not promoted him.

He has worked as a director in the Fox Sports department and has been passed four times for the senior position. He claims that there are at least 34 employees at or above the vice president level and none are black and have never been black within the 19 years the division has existed.

I have one view on Fox and I think most people have that view, which is that Fox is openly bias. I have learned this time and time again in my journalism classes. I have actually watched Fox News a few times and have seen the bias compared to other stations. To defend Fox in a certain light, it is not the only network that is openly bias or obviously bias, but it’s in a way funny to watch Fox and compare it with other news.

It does not surprise me that Davis was not promoted within the Fox department, just because its Fox. The company has continuously been dealing with racism allegations for years.

But virtually most corporation’s executive levels do not have minorities.

Maybe it is a continued trend…


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