The Paywall Effect In Britain?



Newspapers in the U.S. have been slowly transitioning into the paywall phase.

What’s a paywall you may ask?

A paywall is a system that prevents Internet users from accessing webpage content without a paid subscription. It is slowly becoming a popular tool for papers in the U.S. and Canada but is now branching out to Britain.

The Daily Telegraph is the first British general interest newspaper to employ the paywall model. Similar to The New York Times, readers will be allowed to read 20 articles a month on the website for free. Once the reader passes the limit, the paywall will enact and block the reader from reading anymore articles for the rest of the month. If the reader choices to subscribe on his/her own, that reader will have two digital subscription packages to choose from. But unlike The Times, The Telegraph will offer a one month free trial before asking potential subscribers to commit to a subscription.

Hope The Telegraph’s paywall is as a success as others.


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