A multimillionaire with a job at Yahoo!, all at 17 years old…


When I was 15, I was still adjusting to my new life in high school in New Jersey, but when Nick D’Aloisio was 15, he created Summly.

Summly is a news-reading app that summarizes news stories. It’s kind of cool, because no matter how simple or complex a story is, it is condensed to a mere 400 characters, which makes it easier to read on smartphones. Last week, Yahoo! bought Summly from D’Aloisio for a reported $30 million and offered him a job at Yahoo!’s London office.

So once again, the world is being introduced to a kid genius or prodigy, who has developed something that seems so simple and turned it into a multimillion dollar company. He has had a lot of support for his app too. He is the youngest person to receive venture capital money for work.

The idea started with Trimit, after some criticism, he corrected it and redesigned it as Summly with the help of venture capital funding of $300,000. His idea of developing the app was for people in line for coffee to read or for the people who wanted to kill time in between games.

There’s nothing much I can say to this but that he’s in a way an “inspiration” for children/young adults everywhere, who has an idea. He shows that anything is possible when you have a great idea and can find someone to fund the project.

I think more importantly he gives hope for entrepreneurs everywhere. If a 15 year old can convince a venture capital to fund his idea, why can’t I? Or the next guy?


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