Finally A Big Established Company Sees How Pointless Social Media Advertising Is


It’s about time that an already fully established company like Coca-Cola sees that spending millions and maybe billions of dollars a year on social media advertising is a waste of time and money. A company spokesperson said that social media buzz DOES NOT equal short-term revenue gains for Coke.

Now let’s be serious for a second and think…why on earth would a company like Coca-Cola feel the need to advertise on social media platforms anyway?

The company is already established and well known all over the country and even world. Coke is sold in restaurants, stores and vending machines in EVERY country EXCEPT Cuba and North Korea – no surprise there, especially since Coke is an American Corporation.

Its products are virtually recognizable by almost anybody in this country and maybe even the world. Everyone already knows coke, who can miss that signature color?

I think that Coke can stop pushing its presence on social media, mainly because it is pushing one product that everyone knows about. It’s not as if the corporation is advertising for new flavors, it’s always the same classic one. I think that people have their automatic preference, especially when it comes between the back and forth rival of Coke and Pepsi. Everyone has their pick.

In my opinion, a big and already established company should only feel the need to do hard core advertising when they are coming out with a new product or have a deal or something. Take McDonald’s for example. MickeyD’s is as established as Coke, but I always know when McDonald’s is going to have a “2 for $3” breakfast special or a new addition to the menu. I barely see an ad for just a plain old “Big Mac,” now a days. But I always see the company’s NEW products it promotes, which makes sense. Why send a million dollars to promote an old burger that many may be tired of eating, when you can send a million to promote a new burger that no one has ever tired.

I hope that Coke will take the time out to reevaluate the meaning of advertising! The company should stick to giving away free sodas at events it sponsors. By doing that, it has a better chance of getting more buyers for its products.

Why? Take me as an example. I have a better chance of trying something, whether it is brand new or not, for free at an event than me buying it at a store. If I like something that I tired at an event, then maybe the next time I go grocery shopping you’ll  find it in my cart.


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